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OUR COMMITMENT: By 2020, we will have a positive impact on the lives of 1 million smallholder dairy farmers, Improve the health of around 10 million people by providing nutritious pure milk produced by well cared healthy animals, Protect by providing ethical/humane treatment for 4 million cows across India.


Since JAN 2017

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How It Works

A revolution in Milk Supply chain management, 90% of money paid by consumer for REAL MILK goes to the farmer.

Farmer / Consumer Registration

Mid-size dairy farmers and milk consumers can do self registration from anywhere in India.  Please download and register using link below https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.realmilk.app.new

Training & Certification

Then the farmers are trained to provide ethical treatment to animals and certified before activating his/her real milk account. The fodder, well-being of the cattle and quality of the milk is monitored under supervision of highly trained staff all the times. Then the consumers are educated about farmer’s efforts involved in producing Real Milk and necessity to boil within 30 minutes of milk received.

Quality Checks

We do stringent checks on the cattle well being, fodder quality and milking processes at the dairy farm. Samples of milk are regularly checked and recorded by our trained staff for any trace of chemicals, pesticides or toxins. Repeated quality  violations invite penalties. Consumers are trained to give feedback at least once in a week and visit his/her farmer’s dairy farm at least once in a month and provide feedback using mobile App.

Hygienic Conditions

We ensure cattle sheds and cattle are washed multiple times during the day. Our best dairy farming management practices help real milk producers retain certification. Consumers are requested to use clean bottles and return empty bottles when they come for next day delivery.

Mapping right farmer to right consumer

Now we have milk producers and consumers allocated into the system with all necessary data assisted by AI algorithms to ensure right farmer gets connected with  the right consumer based on proximity, milk type, delivery feasibility and so on.

Ready for delivery

Ready for delivery

Consumer can even track what is being fed to his farmer’s animal, what time milked and where exactly is his milk at given time.

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Fees for our services

Household Consumers

2 Rupees/Ltr
  • • Ideal for consumption of 2 to 5 Ltrs of milk per day.
  • • Option to choose nearby farmer per your choice.
  • • Choose Buffalo/ Jersey Cow/ Desi Cow milk per your preference.
  • • Assured fresh, pure & wholesome milk to your doorstep.
  • • Real time tracking of milking & delivery activities.
  • • Robust feedback mechanism to rate your farmer & delivery system.
  • • Real Milk at regular milk price.
  • • Reduced healthcare expenditure.

Dairy Farmers

4 Rupees/Ltr
  • • Ideal for farmers with 10 or more animals.
  • • Training & Certification.
  • • Ethical treatment to animals & environment.
  • • Best dairy farming management practices.
  • • The fodder and well-being of the cattle is monitored.
  • • stringent checks on the cattle quality, fodder & milking process.
  • • Negative feedbacks resulting SUSPENSION & PENALITY.
  • • Support for livestock & podder procurement.
  • • Track Sales & expenses.
  • • Maintaining Animal health records.
  • • At least 40% higher price for your Real Milk.
  • • Optimal calving interval (12-13 months).
  • • Reduced calf mortality rate.

Enterprise Consumers

1 Rupee/Ltr
  • • Ideal for Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Boarding School, Bakery.
  • • Option to choose nearby farmer(s) per your choice.
  • • Choose Buffalo/ Jersey Cow/ Desi Cow milk per your preference.
  • • Assured fresh, pure & wholesome milk to your doorstep.
  • • Real time tracking of milking & delivery activities.
  • • Robust feedback mechanism to rate your farmer & delivery system.
  • • Real Milk at regular milk price.
  • • Increase in customer base.

RealMilk Price

Milk Type Upto Tier-3 cities Metropolitan cities
Consumers Pay/Litre Farmers Receive/Litre Consumers Pay/Litre Farmers Receive/Litre
Buffalo Milk ₹62 ₹60 ₹72 ₹70
HF,Jersey-Cow Milk ₹45 ₹43 ₹50 ₹48
Desi Cow Milk ₹80 ₹70 ₹110 ₹100

Problem statement

    • In today’s dairy industry many farmers are struggling to get half the price of market for their quality produce. Also considering complexity of milk distribution, milk becomes a commodity by the time it reaches consumers.
    • The worst part is 68% of milk in India found to be adulterated with water, detergent powder, urea or worse products. Still, consumers end up paying premium price for low quality milk.
    • To cut the long story short, in this supply and demand chain both dairy farmers and consumers seem unhappy!
    • Solution:

    • HTTPS://REALMILK.CO.IN is a social innovation that aims to benefit farmers as much as consumers through efficient use of technology.
    • Real Milk is a digital platform that connects certified dairy farmers with milk consumers (Household, Hotel, Hostel, Bakery, Hospitals) based on the proximity and other parameters such as quantity, duration of supply, milk type and delivery timings etc.
    • We use cutting edge technologies & processes to enable dairy farmers to produce high quality milk through application of consistent recommended processes, veterinary services aggregation, animal vaccination, feed consolidation, feedback management & best dairy farm management practices.
    • Real Milk technology platform empowers consumers with choice of milk & real-time information about milk quality.
    • RealMilk solves these problems that concern farmers, consumers & society at large.
      • Milk Adulteration
      • Neglected Farmers
      • Poor Animal Care
      • High Cost of Feed
      • Market Volatility
      • Difficult Loans