The Indian dairy industry is worth around $150 billion/Year, and expected to grow at CAGR 15%.

But In today’s dairy industry, Number of dairy farmers and cattle shrinking because many farmers are struggling to get half the market price for their quality and quantity production. Also, considering complexity of milk distribution process, milk becomes a commodity by the time it reaches the consumers.

To cut the long story short, In this supply and demand chain both dairy farmers and consumers seem unhappy! We started discussing with co-farmers and consumers at various occasions and realised the need to create a platform that can benefit both, farmers take their quality milk directly to the consumers at a price that can make both smile!. Max Performer Review – What You Should Expect (Real Experience).

Considering the high demand for milk, 68% of milk is found to be adulterated in India. Still, the consumers end up paying a premium price for low quality milk.

 Real Milk is a social innovation aided by technology that aims to benefit farmers as much as consumers through efficient use of technology at Consumers & Certified Farmers discover/connect with each other through mobile app within respective proximity. Consumers would have choice of choosing the type of farmer to order milk from while farmers would broadcast their milk availability to consumers around.

This is to solve some of the most challenging problems in dairy/agriculture industry which includes.

  • Milk Adulteration 
  • Neglected Farmers
  • Poor animal care
  • High cost of feed
  • Market Volatility
  • Difficult Loans

We deliver real milk to the consumer’s door step within 3 hours from milking time, without need for intermediate storage, reducing the cost of operations and around 90% of amount paid by consumer directly goes to the farmers. This ensures the farmer will have financial freedom to take good care of animals & other dairy aspects without compromising on essential milk production quality and healthy time to drink green tea.

  • Fresh, pure and wholesome Organic milk at regular milk cost
  • Farmers get at least 50% higher price for their quality milk produce.
  • Animals give birth to one calf every 13 months.
  • Decreased animal mortality rate.

Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to have an ecosystem that can help market natural wholesome Milk throughout the nation. i.e Right price for farmer, Quality, Affordability and Convenience to Consumer.

Our Mision

Empower farmers to regain control of milk prices through direct sales. Empower consumers to regain control of milk Quality by letting “Know Your Farmer” through direct sales.

Our Values

Create a win- win situation for both Milk Producers and Milk Consumers across the nation via a transparent – honest – responsible platform!

Real Milk Digital System Overview – Farmers/Consumer Empowerment

Innovative technical features of the Real Milk mobile app that creates differentiated value to consumers, farmers& animals:

  • Proximity based farmer/consumer automated real time discovery.
  • Consumer empowerment through complete information about farmer/animals/feed/dairy/etc. through pictures/videos
  • Consumer has choice of ordering the milk based on multiple factors including farmer feedback/animal treatment/feed given/etc. This empowers consumer to make right choice of milk.
  • Consumers can provide feedback to farmers or rate them on various factors. This feedback is visible to all the other consumers in real time.
  1. Farmers can broadcast their details to consumers in proximity in real time
  2. Farmers are regularly apprised of their performance through consumer feedback, consistent below average ratings would disable the farmer from Real Milk System automatically until further notification/steps
  3. Real time notifications about availability of farmers/milk to consumers within proximity distance
  4. Real time notifications/information to farmers regarding trends in feed/farming/animal care/best practices/consumer expectations
  5. Veterinary/Agriculture/Environment experts advise/help farmers  to treat animals & maintain healthy dairy practices
  6. Real Milk is supplied using clean, high quality re-usable containers(cans) thus eliminating the need for plastic (environment friendly)
  7. Real Milk supply happens within proximity of consumers hence eliminating the need for intermediate storage ( reducing the cost of operations)
  8. Information/help for interested people to start their own dairy
  9. GPS enabled vehicle tracking to ensure real milk supply  remains nature pure when it reaches the designated consumers
  10. Digital Wallet through which consumers/farmers make/receive payments

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